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Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simply to provide reputable, honest service to our clients. To do this we believe in a straightforward and consultative approach to business. Our goal as a company is to grow our business by providing value to our clients in an ethical, environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Company Policy

Pathfinder PLM Inc. adheres to a policy of treating all persons, regardless of gender, racial origin, age, language or physical or mental ability in a respectful and equal manner. Pathfinder PLM Inc. selects its officers, employees, subcontractors and subject matter experts solely on the basis of their ability to perform the tasks for which they are engaged.

Pathfinder PLM Inc. will treat its clients, suppliers, subcontractors and employees in a respectful and businesslike manner.

Pathfinder PLM Inc. holds a Certificate of Recognition from the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association.

We pledge to carry out our work in accordance with all relevant local regulations with respect to occupational health and safety. Principals of the company, employees and subcontractors will be knowledgeable and aware of safety regulations and practices on work sites, and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) on job sites as required. Pathfinder PLM Inc. will encourage its employees and subcontractors to attend safety courses and seminars to further their knowledge in occupational health and safety regulations and practices.


Pathfinder PLM Inc. covenants to carry out its business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This includes the procurement and use of environmentally friendly, recycled, re-used, or re-useable products where available and practical. Pathfinder PLM Inc. will use re-cycling or re-claiming facilities wherever possible or available to dispose of excess, used or non-required materials.

Where possible, Pathfinder PLM Inc. advocates the use of locally produced materials, and locally owned and operated services, provided they are similarly eco-friendly and/or sustainable to products and/or services produced elsewhere. Our policy is to procure/use products or services with the following priority, providing quality, availability and cost are comparable:

  • Local
  • Canada
  • North America
  • Developing Nations

Further, Pathfinder PLM Inc. will advise and consult with its clients to act in accordance with established sustainability procedures, and encourage them to carry out their projects in good faith with environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable practices.